Clear Skies Mead is handcrafted using single-varietal, unfiltered honey, celebrating the honey’s unrefined aromatics and characters.  The aging process comprises of stainless-steel kegs where our unique flavors and natural carbonization develop.  Our fermentation produces sulfites, but no other preservatives or additives are added to our mead.  What is left is a lavishly divine beverage you really have to try. Our flavored meads are aged with whole dried spices, whole fruits, or fruit purees that elevate each to a class of their own.

All Clear Skies Meads are gluten-free and have 13% ABV.

Please enjoy responsibly.


Royal Cravat- Semi-Sweet Saffron


COVID-19*UPDATE (9/01/20): We now have indoor and outdoor seating! New store hours- 4:00pm – 9:00pm Tuesday – Thursday/ 12:00pm – 9:00pm Friday – Sunday for pickup and curbside. Delivery is no longer available, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please place orders online below or by phone (240) 261-4328 to avoid the wait at our Taproom.  It is our pleasure to mead you.

Mead Tastings

We intend to craft some of the best meads you have ever tasted. We want to introduce you to a full range of honey-based fermented beverages and the myriad of flavors that can be incorporated. 

Our Latest Releases

We use traditional brewing techniques and different varietals of honey, like wildflower, orange blossom, clover and buckwheat. Each honey contributes to the mead’s unique flavor. Check out out latest releases today!

Parties & Events

We are happy to assist you with planning your private party or special event.  Whether you are celebrating with family or friends this unique experience will be one that you won’t forget.  Contact us for details!

“Definitely worth a trip back for this alone”

Brett T.

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