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Our Team


The Meadmaker

Yancy has been making mead and home brewing for the last seventeen years in Gaithersburg, MD. He has a scientific background in chemistry and epidemiology.  His interest in mead began at several Renaissance Festivals and since then, he has won local, national, and international awards for his meads. He is excited to introduce this craft beverage and become a part of the local Gaithersburg business community.


Business Operations

Manisha is a former biotechnology industry professional and a military spouse. She inherited her family’s entrepreneurial spirit and has been eager to start a small business. For the past year she has channeled her energy setting up Clear Skies Meadery.  She has lived in Korea, the Pacific Northwest and North Carolina where she enjoyed learning about the local cuisines and building new communities.


Assistant Brewer

Jacob took multiple classes in food fermentation, brewing, and wine making at Juniata College. After college he worked in environmental consulting and research while also pursuing his passion for home-brewing.  He naturally jumped on the opportunity to contact Manisha and Yancy when he heard that they were opening Clear Skies. Besides brewing, Jacob enjoys cooking, disc golfing, wood working, and spending time with his family.

Get Ready to Sip, Savor, and Celebrate!